Hell hath no fury…

Demons are Everywhere

Demons are here. They are permeating every walk of life, yet they are weirdly avoiding whole geographical areas.

Why are they here? They are here to harvest some unknown dark resource. They have become experts at cultivating and growing this resource through the deeds of men, women, and yes even innocent children (if there is such a thing).

In collection of this resource they have organized them selves into a structure similar to a corporation. It is even said that they gave this organizational style to man as a payment for whatever it is that they collect.

Just like any corporation there is no perfect harmony or unified vision of how to accomplish their goals. The hardest working demons are “simple” laborers while “white collar” demons push paper around and get more respect.

There are departments that struggle within budget constraints and power plays between departments for those limited funds.

The resource that is mined is tricky to handle. The resource is generated by socially unacceptable behavior by humans. Certain behaviors garner more of the resource then others, but as a behavior becomes socially acceptable, it looses ability to produce the resource.

The demons are therefore forced to maneuver around trying to keep people doing things that are not acceptable while keeping those activities being not acceptable. It is an art of balancing spinning plates each balancing bottles of liquid nitroglycerin.

There is yet another trick to harvesting that the demons employ. If an act becomes socially acceptable in a single location, or small area, while still being detestable in all surrounding areas, its production is amplified several orders of magnitude.

All these factors have led to Las Vegas being the North American HQ and collection hub for the demons. They have started to open franchise shops all around North America, funneling people to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is on the Verge of Being Wiped from the Planet

This is only half the story, of course. If there are demons, then there are angels. Angelics, as they refer to themselves, are cold and distant and seldom seen. They have a completely different mission. They desire to destroy all demons. They fight a war whose only end is the absolute obliteration of either race.

This has led the Angelics to use very different tactics. Where the Demonic rely on guile, subterfuge, and temptation, the Angelics rely on floods, fire and pillars of salt.

Las Vegas has become so efficient at gathering the dark resource that more and more demons have come to support the enterprise. The angels have noticed and are weighing in on the sins of the city. If they so decide, then the whole city and all its inhabitants will vanish in some freak natural disaster.

But if they can be persuaded that there are too many who are still innocent in this city of sin… The city and all its inhabitants will be spared.

Prismatic Shadows

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