Prismatic Shadows

A frigid party

Clark's party met with cold receptions

Bella LaMarse, Arnold Litchfield, and Francis Cazador arrived at the Clark Fabron’s party to find that the door was cold to the touch and the door knob frosted over.

The discovered that the party was a bust. None of the high profile guest showed up to the party. Bella called some contacts and discovered where Clark’s brother James was staying.

They questioned James to discover that he hired a homeless man to kill his brother for not sharing the inheritance.

Arnold drove James crazy for his crime, while Francis tied him to a chair and wrote his crimes on his face. The group then called the cops to pick up James.

There were photos texted to Bella’s phone of the circles in Clark’s suite. In the photos they discovered that a Esiph was summoned and bound with an incomplete binding. The oddest thing was the third circle that bound an angelic named Ariadia.

They then went to where James had hired the homeless man and discovered a dead naked vagrant hidden in trash.

He was killed by being forced through a binding circle. The next day they went back to investigate the scene where the naked man was found. They met and fought a demonic police officer who informed them that Esiph is a wanted demonic criminal who desires to the end of all creation.


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