Francis Cazador

Fracis Cazador is a hunter who sees monsters.


Refresh: 3


High Concept: I kill monsters
Trouble: What is in my pack is all I have

Phase One Aspect: Everybody is dead
Phase Two Aspect: The enemy of my enemy is my friend
Phase Three Aspect: Stop kicking that dog around


+4: Fight
+3: Notice, Stealth
+2: Will, Investigate, Physique
+1: Burglary, Shoot, Provoke, Contacts


- True Faith: You can make a notice roll to detect an otherwise non-visible supernatural creatures that are in the current or adjacent zones. This helps even if they are behind walls.
- Marked Monster: Instead of injuring a monster in a fight and causing a consequence, Francis can mark them with a tracking device/mark
- Show of Force: Use fight in a mental conflict instead of provoke


Phase One Story

After seeing a mugging by a monster and being unable to help the person, Francis learns martial arts, builds an arsenal and goes after the monsters he sees. After fighting monsters and seeing many people die, Francis find the first monster, which he slays.

Outcome: Francis sees people as temporary and prone to death

Phase Two Story

Francis tracked a monster to Bella, destroyed it and then trained her in various skills to fight evil. Francis offered to train her after seeing her fight for her boyfriend.

Outcome: Francis sees that some people have potential. Unfortunately, he doesn’t see their intentions.

Phase Three Story

Francis finds Arnold wandering after an intiation ceremony goes wrong and takes him to Bella’s house for “safe keeping.”

Outcome: Francis understands a hard day or night and will give someone the benefit of the doubt if they appear to be in particularly rough shape.

Francis Cazador

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