Arnold Litchfield

Unhinged shadow magi book salesman



Refresh: 3


High Concept: I prefer my library
Trouble: Unhinged from dark magic

Phase One Aspect: Enemy of the Church of Starry Wisdom
Phase Two Aspect: Innocence must be protected from the truth
Phase Three Aspect: Just want to make the sale


+4: Lore
+3: Deceive, Tremors
+2: Investigate, Notice, Rapport
+1: Shoot, Will, Contacts, Resources

Tremors info

Overcome: Is used to overcome advantages dealing with the understanding of Tremor magic.
Create an Advantage: Is used to create advantages against Tremor magi by understanding the ways of their magic.
Defend: Can be used to defend against Tremors magic.


- I’ve read about that: Spend a FATE point to use lore as a replacement for any other skill
- Noct: Allows the use of Tremors to create advantages related to darkness and shadow. It also allows the user to make a physical touch attack that deals emotional/mental damage as the person is attacked by their own sins. Whenever the caster is in an area that is ill lit they may spend a FATE point to invoke the aspect ‘One with the shadow’ once per scene. The presence of any light or fire based Aspect precludes the use of this stunt, until you can get rid of those effects.
- Veil of Night: In darkness or shadow, you can use your Tremors skill for physical defense against Fight or Shoot attacks, seeming to twist and turn in the swirling shadows. This requires Noct, and can only be used when Noct can be used.


Phase One Story

Arnold was being initiated into the Church of Starry Wisdom, a mysterious occult group, when the ceremony went horribly wrong and everyone else was unpleasantly killed. During this initiatory ceremony, Arnold was marked through arcane means — making his whereabouts known to those with less than good intentions, for he knew too many Church secrets. Through studying occult texts from his store over the years, and the Church tomes, Arnold learned dark magic. Armed with this new found knowledge, Arnold was able to remove the mark but the Church will always be looking for him.

Outcome: Enemy of the Church of Starry Wisdom

Phase Two Story

While Arnold was researching and experimenting with dark forces, he came to learn certain techniques for finding beings summoned through dark means. During a ritual, Arnold became aware of a horrible abomination, called forth most likely by the Church of Starry Wisdom.

While following this beast to end its visit to this plane, Arnold met Francis. Sharing a common goal, they band together to finish the task at end. The beast’s vitality was greatly increased through unnatural manipulations of physics — Arnold was able to undo this twisting of reality thus preparing the beast for its demise at Francis’ hands.

Outcome: The innocent must be saved from the truth

Phase Three Story

Arnold owned a book store before his initiation into the Church of Starry Wisdom. The book store, owing to its antiquity and proclivity for ancient and odd tomes, attracted an odd crowd.

Always the salesman, Arnold took the opportunity to sell a somewhat demonic being vital constituents to a dark ritual. Unbeknownst to Arnold, this ritual was to be conducted at the expense of Bella’s boyfriend.

Shortly after the sale, Bella came into Arnold’s store looking for information on those that had captured her boyfriend. Seeing a fresh opportunity to make a sale and seeing a connection between the recent ritual he had provided for, Arnold quickly sold Bella all he knew on what ritual was to be performed, who bought the materials, and where they might perform such an act.

Outcome: Just want to make the sale

Arnold Litchfield

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